Jorge Rial spoke from Colombia after his hospitalization

Jorge Rial spoke from Colombia after his hospitalization

The driver from Argenzuela suffered a cardiac decompensation during his vacation in Colombia.


He journalist Jorge Rial reappeared on social networks after having suffered a cardiac event during your vacation in Colombia. Through her Instagram account, she made a post thanking the clinic staff: “Thanks to all these Colombian health professionals, today I am writing to you after a huge scare“.

“Luckily these angels were in the right place and did everything possible to keep me alive. But above all I appreciate the sensitivity of each one. They were loving, kind and very human,” he wrote under the publication with one of the doctors at the Hospital Clinics of the Country and your personal doctor Dr. Guillermo Capuya.

“I will have to come to Bogota more often to celebrate my new birthday. And thanks to everyone who cared and prayed. I got each of your messages“Concluded the driver from Argenzuela.

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As reported, Rial was transferred to a common room after spending a night in intensive care. In turn, her personal doctor indicated that I would return to the country on a medical plane this weekend.

He doctor capuya He also managed the visit of an Argentine interventional cardiologist of his trust who is in Bogotá. And, when he arrives in the country, the driver must undergo different studies.

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