Succession: the end of the series will have the duration of a movie

Succession: the end of the series will have the duration of a movie

The HBO and HBO Max series will say goodbye forever on May 28.

The next May 28 successionthe series of HBO and HBO Max winner of several Emmys, will have its grand finale with what we now know will be the longest chapter of all its seasons.

According to the portal ew, Season 4 Episode 10 will be 90 minutes long and will be as long as a movie. The name of the last episode of the series will be “With Open Eyes”, and it will air on May 28. It is written by the creator of the series, Jesse Armstrongand was directed by Mark Mylod.

HBO announced last February that the fourth season of succession it would be the last. Armstrong explained in an interview to the New Yorker that he had a discussion with his team, where they had two options: “We can go on for years and turn the show into something completely different, with a little more story range, where some weeks it would have good episodes and other weeks, bad episodes. Or we can to do something more muscular and complete, having an amazing finish and finishing strong. The second option was always my preference.”

Taking into account the criticism and comments that each of the six episodes of the fourth season that have already aired are receiving, Armstrong’s strategy is working quite well.

Succession preview chapter 7

Trailer episode 7 _ Succession _ HBO Max.mp4


Succession premieres new chapters every Sunday at 10 p.m. on HBO and HBO Max.

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