They denounced Agüero as instigator of death threats against referee Falcón Pérez

They denounced Agüero as instigator of death threats against referee Falcón Pérez

The ex-footballer Sergio “Kun” Aguero was denounced criminally in the last hours by the Agency for the Prevention of Violence in Sport (Aprevide) as an instigator for the death threats received by the referee Yael Falcon Perez and his family after the classic avellaneda.

Judicial sources confirmed to Argentine News that the insults of Omen against the referee they went after the controversial penalty that he sanctioned for racing and that led to a 1-1 draw against Independentby Professional Soccer League.

“It is necessary to mention that his comments towards the arbitration authority, aggressive and disqualifying, clearly contravene the precepts of the current regulations on sports safety, and could be interpreted as instigating violence, even more so in the case of an opinion maker and reference of sports discipline”indicated the complaint to which he had access NA.

It was presented by the anticipate in the Instruction and Trial Functional Unit (UFIyJ) number 6, by Martin Dario Rodriguez of the Lanús-Avellaneda Judicial Department.

“This agency has learned of the threats received by the referee Yael Falcón Pérez and his family, graffiti and the launching of flares at his mother’s home, as intimidating comments, in relation to the work carried out in the match of yore, in beginning by unknown citizens”communicated.

Justice investigates the perpetrators of these threats against the referee and his family.

The “Kun” had described the referee as “thermos head” and remarked that “I would give a slap”among other things, after the classic of avellaneda.

in your account Twitter, Omen questioned the referee’s task, but went further with his statements when he complained about the penalty he charged racing.

“That’s the worst. Explain that it starts outside and falls inside. If you have to charge where it starts, a thermos face”wrote the former player at the time.

Later, through a stream that he did with his followers, Omen lashed out at the judge: “Your name is already a disaster. What the fuck? It’s okay, you can be wrong but worst of all is that the referee, before starting the second half, tells the players: ‘he pushes it out and it falls in’. Let’s go Let’s give an example then: if they push me and kick me shitting from the middle of the field and I shoot myself in the area, you’re going to have to charge me a penalty”.

“Listen to me a skinny thing: the rule is where the foul begins, at the beginning is where the foul is charged”he added.

However, the former striker went further and remarked: “It is to put a slap on the head of this thermos.”

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