Antonio Gasalla’s family issued a statement about the artist’s health

Antonio Gasalla’s family issued a statement about the artist’s health

The show journalist brito angel spread through a Twitter thread information related to the present and the health of Antonio Gasalla 82 years old.

The document shared by de Brito on the networks indicates the following:

“Given the various versions that have circulated in different media, linked to the health and well-being of Mr. Antonio Gasalla, and in order to avoid confusing or incorrect information, we find ourselves in need of clarifying the following aspects:

1. Mr. Antonio Gasalla has suffered from a mental health condition since the end of 2019/beginning of 2020 that has been progressively affecting his cognitive ability and judgment ever since.

2. From the first manifestations of this disease, Mr. Antonio Gasalla was evaluated by health professionals, at the request of his family and since then his care, adequate control and containment have been sought, always preserving the privacy of Antonio and the Respect your public image.

3. The recent appearance of an unknown person entering the home of Mr. Antonio Gasalla and the apparent control that this person exercised over him, which even impeded contact with his family, was a warning sign regarding the possible danger that his security ran before the possible use of his state of health.

It was for this reason that the Civil Justice of the Federal Capital was resorted to for the purposes of his personal and patrimonial protection, urging an action to determine the capacity. In this context, the prohibition of contact of the person who had entered his home was decreed, and the necessary measures were ordered to attend to the health of Mr. Antonio Gasalla.

4. In the same way, the Criminal Justice intervened in order to investigate the threats suffered by the family, as well as the acts that could have been committed abusing the state of health and disability of Mr. Antonio Gasalla. This Investigation is in progress and it is the only suitable area to make any disclaimer and/or clarification by anyone who is interested in doing so.”

5. Currently, Mr. Antonio Gasalla is admitted to an establishment of his Prepaid Medicine with the purpose of carrying out studies and clinical treatments necessary to stabilize his general health picture, being stable.

Source: Ambito

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