Hollywood studios respond to writers’ strike

Hollywood studios respond to writers’ strike

Without the intention of negotiating, the organization that represents the big companies answered the demands of the writers and why they do not accept them.

The organization that represents the big hollywood studios responded to the demands communicated by the writers union to start your strike. In a four-page document, the PTAMP argued that writers receive benefits that they do not have “almost nothing to do” with freelance jobswhich they accuse that the studies encourage.

studies too they rejected the need for a minimum number of employees in writers’ rooms and stated that it is “incompatible with the creative nature of the industry”. The writers union proposed that for most series, a group of between six and 12 writers.

“We do not agree with applying a standard solution for all series when they are unique and different in their approach to hiring creatives,” the AMPTP explained, adding: “Some writers are the only voice on a show and others work only with small teams. These proposals prevent these cases.” This point was one of those who led to the strike call given that, although the scriptwriters raised it as a first offer, the studios refused to deal with it.

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debate.  The Writers Guild of America will support the use of AI.

debate. The Writers Guild of America will support the use of AI.

The AMPTP also referred to the union’s requests for the use of artificial intelligence. In this sense, the organization said that artificial intelligence “presents difficult and important questions for everyone both legally and creatively.” “For example, screenwriters want to be able to use this technology as part of their creative process, without changing how the credits are determined, something complicated because artificial intelligence material cannot be put under copyright,” they argued and sentenced: “It’s something that requires a lot more discussion and that’s what we committed to.”

For the organization that brings together Hollywood studios, they made an offer that includes “The biggest base pay raise they’ve been offered in 25 years. The studios offered to raise salaries 4% the first year of a new agreement, with increases of 3% and 2% the following years. Instead, the writers union asks that their salaries be increased by 6% this year, 5% next and 5% before a new deal.

“They are paying us as little as possible for as few weeks as possible”said Chris Keyserone of those in charge of the negotiations by the writers.

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As for the residual payment (financial compensation for what a product earns after its release), the AMPTP said the writers received a 46% increase in his last contract and that they started charging it last year. For the organization, the writers seek a 200% increase based on streaming outside the United States because “they treat foreign subscribers as if they were local.” “Subscription prices vary from country to country and in many are substantially less in value than in the United States.”they pointed out and said: “Even so, the companies recognize the importance of streaming outside the US and have offered to increase these residuals.”

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