After reconciling with Walter Festa, Romina from GH recounted a sexual intimacy

After reconciling with Walter Festa, Romina from GH recounted a sexual intimacy

“We came back with Walter a week ago,” revealed the ex-sister, who had assured her that she was separated when she entered Big Brother.

The former participant of Big Brother 2022 Romina Uhrig whitewashed his reconciliation with the former mayor of Moreno Walter Festa, by attending the birthday together of ariel ansaldoone of his ex-partners from the reality show.

The former deputy of the Frente de Todos appeared at the party with Festa, with whom she has two daughters and surprised the rest of those present, among whom were “Nacho” Castañares, “La Tora” Villar, Mora Jabornisky, Florencia and Camila Lattanzio, “Maxi” Giudici, “Coty” Romero, “Cone” Quiroga, Thiago Medina, Daniela Celis, Agustín Guardis and Juliana Díaz.

“We came back with Walter a week ago”, revealed the ex-sister on the Ulises Jaitt program on XLFM Radio. When she entered Big Brother, Romina had assured that she was separated from Festa, however, many followers of the program did not believe this version.


The couple, reconciled, on Ariel Ansaldo's birthday.

The couple, reconciled, on Ariel Ansaldo’s birthday.

In addition, the former GH participant revealed some of her sexual intimacies with Walter Festa: “We started with Walter type 23 at night and finished at 6. I don’t remember how many orgasms.”

He also talked about the candidates that came to his Instagram account before it was known that he had returned with his ex.

“Write yes, I’m not going to give names because I’m not interested. A little while ago they wrote to me on my WhatsApp: ‘Hello Romina, I am the representative of a soccer player’. I put: ‘Hello, how are you?’ And he answers: “I have a footballer, crazy about you. We want to ask you if you’re married. I swear I told him: ‘I’m married,'” he confessed.

On the other hand, she referred to the comments she received when she left the house due to her time in politics and spoke about whether she would be a deputy again. “It seems to me that it is a beautiful tool, but I understand that today you are running as a politician and they tell you as they say to me: ‘dipuchorra, thief’. Politics is frowned upon. I suffered a lot. I will continue to do it in the social , which is what I like and more one who has had needs in life”, he pointed.

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