People: Katarina Witt excited about Film-I

People: Katarina Witt excited about Film-I

The ex-athlete raves about her film alter ego Lavinia Nowak after a visit to the shooting.

Part of the life of Katarina Witt (57) is currently being filmed – the former figure skating star is enthusiastic about her film self Lavinia Nowak (27). “She is so adorable that I immediately took Lavinia to my heart,” Witt told the “Bild”.

“Seeing Lavinia live was a little unreal as I was getting to know my ‘young self’.” At the same time, she felt her own passion for her job as an actress. “She burns for games like I do for ice cream,” said Witt.

According to the newspaper, the film for ZDF will be made in Prague by the end of May, but a broadcast date has not yet been set. Directed by Michaela Kezele (“One Love Later”). The film takes place in 1994, when the athlete from the GDR, with the help of her trainer Jutta Müller, played by Dagmar Manzel (64), dares her comeback and competes for the whole of Germany for the first time.

Kati Witt finds the resemblance to her film alter ego “amazing”. She was at the shooting and “enjoyed my journey into the past very much”.

Nowak was born in 1995. When she first read the casting scenes, she thought it was a fictional story, Nowak told the newspaper. She absorbed everything she found about Witt, watched interviews, documentaries, and freestyle. “Katarina has an incredible charisma. She comes in and the room lights up. I was enchanted by her. We got along wonderfully.”

Source: Stern

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