Coronation of Charles III: Prince Andrew appears in festive robes

Coronation of Charles III: Prince Andrew appears in festive robes

At the coronation of his brother, King Charles III, the controversial Prince Andrew appeared in the formal attire of the Order of the Garter. The reaction of onlookers was unequivocal.

To put it bluntly, he doesn’t seem to have heard the shot. Because it is not the first time that Prince Andrew has apparently forgotten that he has caused great difficulties for the monarchy and himself in recent years. Last year he paid Virginia Roberts Giuffre millions to settle her lawsuit against him. The now-adult woman had accused the prince of abusing her when she was a minor. In the process, more and more details of the friendship between Andrew and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein had come to light.

Coronation of Charles III: Prince Andrew appears in festive robes

At the coronation of his brother Charles III, the controversial royal nonetheless arrived in the formal robes of the Order of the Garter. And that’s despite being formally relieved of his military duties and royal patronage after a disastrous November 2019 interview. A little humility would have done him good, even though the royals most likely approved the outfit choice. Nothing happens by chance at royal events.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry stuck to the rules and wore a simple suit. His uncle Prince Andrew doesn’t seem to understand how bad his public image is – or worse, he doesn’t care. Already at the memorial service in honor of his father, Prince Philip, last year, he seemed to push himself to the fore. Andrew was also one of the first royals to actively speak to the press after his father’s death a year earlier. Stay in the background? Andrew doesn’t think much of that, he still loves the limelight. Born the third child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Prince Andrew was able to enjoy all the privileges inherited from an early age. As a third-born, he never felt the pressure that King Charles must have felt.

He was called “the young rogue” because he drove his nannies and parents mad with pranks. From a spoiled child he became “Randy Andy”, who made headlines with scandals and affairs – and finally Epstein’s confidante.

Hating Harry could be good for him

The amazing thing: Despite the very serious allegations against Prince Andrew, there are two worse villains for the British press and many royalists, namely Harry and Meghan. It’s like Andrew is particularly benefiting from the negative headlines. The more reports there are about the Sussexes, the less about him.

If Andrew still doesn’t know how popular he is, the coronation should have been a clue. When he was driven to Westminster Abbey in his car, numerous onlookers booed.

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