Skinny Scarfs: Retro glam meets Y2K style

Skinny Scarfs: Retro glam meets Y2K style

Skinny scarfs ensure Hollywood glamor in spring and summer 2023. That’s why thin scarves are so popular again among Gen Z.

The rise of the little scarf: Gen Z is digging out a trend that was last seen in the 2000s when paired with hipsters and a boat neckline. Now the skinny scarf is back and is celebrating its fashion comeback as a hot fashion trend on TikTok and Instagram. The sheer scarf as the whimsical add-on to the Y2K outfit that adds old Hollywood glamour.

Why is the thin scarf back in trend?

Various hip celebrities have already been spotted with the thin scarf around their necks. For example, the traditional French label “Celine” sent Kaia Gerber (21). Her look at the fashion show shows how the mini scarf helps a rather simple look to become a trendy outfit. Gerber wore the scarf like the feminine version of a tie paired with sunglasses, skin-tight black leather pants, an oversized black blazer and a white top.

Kendall Jenner (27) and Bella Hadid (26) have already integrated the skinny scarfs into their Y2K wardrobe. Among other things, Hadid was spotted in public with a narrow scarf. The It model wore a beige top, a scarf of the same color and a red and white checked coat as well as a long denim skirt. Fashion lovers agree: The thin scarf helps turn a boring look into a trendy outfit. The combination of a skin-tight bustier top and a skinny scarf made of the same material is also particularly popular.

Rock ‘n’ roll and retro glamour

The skinny scarfs were all the rage in earlier fashion decades. Most recently, Kate Moss (49) created rock ‘n’ roll vibes with thin scarves in the 2010s: her favorite scarf designs come from artist and musician Tim Rockins, who drew inspiration for his skinny scarfs from vintage scarves from the 1960s and 1960s Inspired by the seventies. At that time, rock’n’roll heroes like David Bowie (1947-2016) or Keith Richards (79) liked to integrate the thin scarves into their outfits.

But skinny scarfs don’t just stand for rock’n’roll, but also for genuine Hollywood glamour. In old Hollywood, actresses and fashion icons such as Sophia Loren (88) liked to wear the thin scarves with party dresses and glamorous evening dresses.

The styling of the skinny scarfs in spring and summer 2023 is based on this retro glam: The thin scarves are particularly popular for giving a new, glamorous touch to what are actually simple tops or dresses. With the Skinny Scarfs more playfulness moves into the hip fashion.

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