Actress: Jennifer Coolidge supports Hollywood strike

Actress: Jennifer Coolidge supports Hollywood strike

In Hollywood, screenwriters are on strike for more money and better working conditions – and are receiving prominent support.

US actress Jennifer Coolidge (“The White Lotus”, “American Pie”) has sent words of support to the striking Hollywood writers at the MTV Movie & TV Awards. “Almost every great comedy starts with great writers,” the 61-year-old said in a video message Sunday night. “I stand before you tonight alongside my sisters and brothers from the WGA who are fighting right now, fighting for artists’ rights everywhere,” the actress said. Coolidge received the Comedic Genius award that night.

This year’s decision was overshadowed by the Hollywood writers’ strike. Fans voted online for the winners of the audience awards for feature films and television productions, which have been awarded since 1992. The prizes are in the form of gold-colored popcorn cups. The horror film “Scream VI” won the award for best feature film.

According to media reports, the strike is delaying the filming of the final season of “Stranger Things”. The reports referenced a tweet on the Stranger Writers account: “We’re excited to start production with our amazing cast and crew, but during the strike it’s not possible,” it said. According to “Entertainment Weekly”, the fifth season of the Netflix cult series will be released next year.

The screenwriters stopped working last Tuesday. The writers’ union “Writers Guild of America” ​​(WGA) has been negotiating a new contract with the film and television producers (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers) since mid-March. The writers demand, among other things, salary increases, better working conditions and higher subsidies for health and pensions.

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