Ö3 boss Georg Spatt leaves the ORF

Ö3 boss Georg Spatt leaves the ORF
Channel boss Georg Spatt leaves Ö3.
Image: (ORF)

Georg Spatt initially worked for Austrian private radio stations before he started in 1996 in Ö3 program planning. In 1998 Spatt became deputy head of Ö3, and in 2002 he was finally put in charge of ORF hit radio.

In a letter to his Ö3 team, Spatt explains his decision as follows: “After such a long and intense time, the desire for new goals, for change and also for a little distance is obvious and certainly understandable. (…) Now After 25 years at Ö3, our relocation from the Heiligenstadt studios to the ORF campus on Küniglberg was a symbolic turning point for many of us, and the new ORF package that is currently being negotiated and the associated discussions about our tasks and our success are important to me another hint to close the Ö3 chapter for me.”

Spatt will leave Ö3 and ORF in the summer. After his departure, Albert Malli, who has been deputy broadcaster for many years, will take over the interim management of the radio station.

For the first few weeks and months after his departure, the departing broadcaster wishes: “Gain distance, rest and look for new enthusiasm, new challenges and perhaps surprising answers in myself.”

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