Taylor Swift: Swifties are buying mystery book en masse

Taylor Swift: Swifties are buying mystery book en masse

Because fans of Taylor Swift believe that her biography could be hidden behind a new book, the title conquers the US charts.

Taylor Swift (33) fans have catapulted a book into the sales charts that could possibly be the singer’s memoir. But that is far from certain.

The book has no title so far and is only known as “4C Untitled Flatiron Nonfiction Summer 2023”. The author’s name: unknown. Resourceful “Swifties”, as the pop star’s fans are called, claim to have found clues that this is the biography of their idol.

Hype catapults the book into the charts

As a result, the book, which costs the equivalent of around 41 euros in advance, climbed to number two in the US in the Amazon book sales charts through pre-orders. The book is even number one on the pre-order list at Barnes & Noble. The hype is real.

The clues for fan theories about the untitled and unnamed book come from a document said to be from Flatiron publishers. This is said to have indicated that the author will be announced on June 13th. In addition, the work should have 544 pages – which also results in the checksum 13. 13 is the singer’s official lucky number, as all Swifties know. In addition, Swift has recently addressed her fans on social media with “Dear Reader”…

Bookstores have to cancel massively

Under the hashtag #TaylorSwiftBook, fans are sharing numerous other theories and alleged clues on social media. Booksellers are also being kept on their toes by the rumours: a bookstore in New York City has previously announced that it had to cancel 600 pre-orders after media reports that the book was not a Taylor Swift biography.

even that the author would “certainly” not be Swift. But it will probably be a celebrity. This is supported by the large first print run of one million copies and the short lead time with a worldwide release date of July 9th.

There is already a new speculation for the author(s) of the mysterious book: BTS. The K-pop group is currently on hiatus and would have time for such a project – unlike Swift, who is currently on a big tour and preparing for a new album.

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