Adriana Aguirre and Lorena Paola denounce a pornographic site for uploading their photos

Adriana Aguirre and Lorena Paola denounce a pornographic site for uploading their photos

the actresses Lorraine Paola and Adriana Aguirre criminally denounced a website with pornographic content for uploading photos of them without their permission.

In this sense, the protagonists indicated that it is the site Poringa that in addition to uploading “stolen” images of them, they also photoshopped others, since, according to the lawsuit, they used their faces with other naked bodies.

“The moral and psychological damage that they cause me is very great. On a porn page they put photos of me, there is even a private photo in which I am doing topless on the beach that had leaked in a magazine. It is a photo from 2013 I Ricardo (García, his partner) took out in 2013,” Aguirre said in statements to the program “Police Evenings” by XLFM Radio.

Likewise, the vedette remarked that “They disrespected, they profit from those photos, from the image” and maintained that it causes “psychological damage, because there is a family behind” him.

“We are going to see my lawyer Matías Garcete Suárez to face this lawsuit and get my photos removed from that page. These people are putting me with other people who make pornography.

I have nothing against pornography or those who do that, but I’m not of that stick. I never did nor would I ever do pornography. It does not belong to my thought or feeling,” Aguirre said.

And she added: “I am a theater professional, of the tables, of spending the cue on stage with absolute dignity. I am a great worker of the show, of cinema and television. It is not appropriate that I be mixed with people who practice pornography ” .

The actress, who is filming a film she is directing Luis Ortegarevealed that he found out about this situation through Lorraine Paolaanother of the victims.

“They did the same to both of us. It’s horrible. There is a violation of people’s privacy. But they are also profiting with my image, with my name, with everything. In addition to offending me, disrespecting me, violating my good name and honor, there is a moral and psychological damage that is very great”, revealed the also vedette.

In this sense, he explained: “It affects my family. I have a sister, a nephew, a 10-year-old great-nephew who goes to school. Everyone knows that his aunt is Adriana Aguirre and I have to talk to them about this because of the psychological problem that causes us.”

Regarding the pornographic sites that uploaded her photos, Aguirre said that her partner Ricardo Garcia he told her “there are a couple of sites that have them”, but she emphasized “this one in particular”, but without naming it “so as not to give it press”.

In addition, he indicated that there are photos of him modified with Photoshop by pointing out: “In some of my photos they did that. In some I recognized that it was me in every sense, but in others they used another body or another background. Imagine that I recognize what my body is like and Those weren’t mine.”

Lorraine Paola He was also a victim of this situation on the same pornographic site and filed a complaint.

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