Til Schweiger: Mickey Rourke defends him against allegations

Til Schweiger: Mickey Rourke defends him against allegations

Film star Til Schweiger faces serious allegations. He gets support from an acquaintance from the USA – actor Mickey Rourke takes his side.

Til Schweiger faces serious allegations. In the news magazine “Der Spiegel” employees accused the actor, producer and director of misconduct during film shoots. In particular, it was about the shooting of “Manta Manta – Zwoter Teil”, in which Schweiger directs and also plays a leading role.

The film star gets support from a good friend from the USA. Mickey Rourke makes it clear in an Instagram post that he is siding with Schweiger. The actor (“Sin City”, “The Wrestler”) published a picture of Til Schweiger and repeatedly emphasized in the text: “I’m by your side.” Rourke describes the 59-year-old as “perhaps the greatest talent as an actor, producer and director”.

Til Schweiger: The production company wants to clarify possible incidents

The connection between the two actors dates back to 2017. At that time, Rourke appeared in the episodic film “Berlin, I Love You”. Schweiger directed. Apparently, Rourke has had a high regard for the controversial German film star ever since – at least he’s defending him in the current controversy. He praises Schweiger as a “strong, smart, loyal man” and encourages him: “You love making films, so let’s do what we can to put the pieces back together.” And he promises: “Sometimes all we need is a friend. I will be that friend for you.”

After the allegations became known, the production company Constantin Film announced that it would investigate possible incidents on the set. “I take the allegations very seriously and we have started an intensive investigation,” said CEO Martin Moszkowicz of the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper”. An independent law firm was commissioned to do this. “It seems to me imperative that we tackle the issue of abuse of power in the cultural sector openly and together,” said Moszkowicz. The allocation of public funds should also be linked to this. Schweiger’s lawyer had told the “Spiegel” about the allegations that some of the “facts” were “not known” to her client; another assumes “alleged facts that did not exist”

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