Lord Of The Lost: ESC 2023: Good starting place for Germany

Lord Of The Lost: ESC 2023: Good starting place for Germany

A good song and a good show are basic requirements for ESC success. But there are also factors that cannot be influenced.

Germany got a very good starting place in the field of participants at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC). As the organizers of the event announced, the Hamburg band Lord Of The Lost will take the stage in Liverpool, England, in 21st place on Saturday. There are a total of 26 acts on the evening.

Experience has shown that ESC bands that perform towards the end of the competition do well. Because they are better remembered by the TV audience later when it comes to the viewer vote.

At the ESC 2010 in Oslo, Germany’s last ESC victory, the singer Lena took 22nd place with “Satellite”. At the ESC in Turin in 2022, however, the German Malik Harris had double bad luck with “Rockstars”: He caught an unfavorable position in 13th place and also had to appear directly after Ukraine, which attracted the most attention of the evening. Harris finished last.

Spectator interest in the ESC is growing

The interest of German TV viewers in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest has continued to grow. An average of 624,000 viewers watched the second semi-final on the ARD special-interest channel One on Thursday evening from 9:00 p.m., according to the responsible West German Broadcasting Corporation (WDR). This corresponds to a rate of 2.8 percent. In the younger target group of 14 to 49 year olds, the viewing rate was even 5.6 percent (299,000 people). This means that the event has once again improved on the already good values ​​from the first semi-final on Tuesday.

Source: Stern

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