Animal filmmaker Andreas Kieling survives a bear attack – and posts a blood photo

Animal filmmaker Andreas Kieling survives a bear attack – and posts a blood photo

Animal filmmaker Andreas Kieling lives a life on the limit. After being bitten by a poisonous snake a few weeks ago, he has now survived a bear attack. He posted a disturbing picture on Facebook.

You have to love your job to regularly expose yourself to such dangers. Animal filmmaker Andreas Kieling has now revealed on Facebook that he has again survived the attack of a wild animal.

Wildlife filmmaker survives bear attack

“Bear attack a week ago while filming about rare waterfowl in the High Carpathians! The bear is fine, he just followed his instincts! I’m fine again!” Kieling wrote there and sent “nature-loving greetings” to his fans. You can see the back of his down jacket, which was torn in one place.

But apparently it wasn’t just a broken jacket. Kieling posted another photo of the aftermath of the bear attack. Covered in blood, the animal filmmaker sits on a slope, his hair soaked in red, his left hand as well. Kieling looks badly battered. “Without warning and explanation, a violently shocking image,” commented one user.

He just survived a snake bite

It was only at the beginning of April that Kieling told about another animal attack that he had just survived. In an interview with the “Teleschau” agency, from which “Focus Online” quotes, among other things, he revealed why he recently had to cancel an appointment. “I’ve just come from where we have a well drilling project for water,” said Kieling. “I lived like the locals in a corrugated iron hut. Suddenly my dog ​​started digging through my things. I then saw a snake’s tail disappear under my things,” says the documentary filmmaker.

He turned everything upside down to find the snake. It was a black mamba. “When I had it, I wanted to take a selfie with the snake before I carried it far away,” quoted the “Bild” newspaper. For this he “pulled up his lips with a stick so that you can see the fangs nicely. At that moment she “bited her left index finger with a fangs,” says Kieling.

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