Lauty Gram praised China Suárez and sparked romance rumors

Lauty Gram praised China Suárez and sparked romance rumors

The urban artist had a loving gesture with China Suárez, when he saw her dancing one of his best-known songs. The young man did not hesitate to praise her in front of everyone.

The china suarez was lovingly linked to the singer Lauty Gramafter a roundtrip in social networks. The fans, who closely follow his life, suspect a possible relationshipafter having been seen at a party

The actress posted a video on her TikTok account in which she is seen dancing in the Bresh party. The theme that is heard in the background is “Vida gangster”, one of Lauty’s best known, the 21 year old Argentine artist. Minutes later, the young man’s reaction was not long in coming and he praised her in front of everyone: “It came out really nice.”

Seeing the singer’s response, China also gave him a compliment. “Great song”he answered referring to the song he used to dance in the VIP of the event that Wanda Nara and Rusherking also attended.

The repercussions on social networks were endless. From “Justo esta canción” to “Lauty in ‘Dale, cuz, que es ahora’ mode”, the fans of both were noticed.

Rumors of romance between China and LautyGram

The model confirmed her separation with Rusherking a month ago. Since then, she has been linked to Trueno, a 60-year-old businessman and producer Rodo Lamblogia. However, she denied each of these versions.

Lautaro González Cadicamo It is the new name that circulates, when a video was released in which the model is observed with a boy who could be him.

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Musical career

The genre to which this influencer belongs is the urban music. In addition, also has some RKT themes, the style popularized by L-Gante. His most popular songs are “A lo rockstar”, “La pistola” and “Rubia o morocha”.

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