Tan Biónica added a new date: when and how to buy tickets

Tan Biónica added a new date: when and how to buy tickets

After running out in an hour and a half tickets for the first concert, to be held on October 28 in it Jose Amalfitani Stadium, so bionicthe band led by “Chano” Charpentierlaunched a new date for the last magical night: October 29th. I know how and where to buy them.

Produced by DF Entertainment and presented by Flow, so bionic will meet again after an impasse seven years in two shows the days October 28 and 29 in it Velez Stadium.

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D.F. Entertainment

“We are very excited to be able to share this last magical night with all the people who supported us from the beginning”, confessed emotionally the members of the band that made the whole country dance for years more than 20 years.

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D.F. Entertainment

Tan Biónica in Vélez: how to buy tickets

Tickets to see this legendary band live are available at All Access and Santander American Express customers have 6 installments without interest.

Prices and locations

  • FRONT FIELD | $30,000 + S/C
  • GENERAL FIELD | $16,000 + S/C
  • LOWER SOUTH STALL | $23,000 + S/C
  • LOWER NORTH STALL | $23,000 + S/C
  • UPPER NORTH STALL | $15,000 + S/C
  • HIGH SOUTH STALL | $15,000 + S/C

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D.F. Entertainment

The announcement that the band would go back on stage for the last time was made by Chano during the show he gave at the lollapalooza argentinain which they broke “Bambi” Charpentier, Diego Lichtenstein and Sebastián Seoane to play four of his classic songs.

That announcement occurred after the singer received the High medical of the Otamendi sanatorium Where he had been emergency boarding school in intensive therapy by a infection and after successive hospitalizations in rehabilitation centers.

It’s going to come back So Bionic. We came to tell you that the group is going to give you the last magical nightsoon in a stadium of the Buenos aires city“, the band leader said at the time on Friday, March 17.

Tan Biónica ad show in Velez

so bionic was founded in 2002 but his first record, “Songs of the hurricane”was released in 2007. However, it was her second album, “obsessive”with songs like “She”, “Beautiful” and “Crazy” that positioned them as a rising band that filled their first three luna park.

In 2013 edited “Destinology”which contains the hits “Magic City” and “God’s melody”followed by “Hello World” of 2015. He April 19, 2016the band announced the impasse and they did not meet again on stage until the Lollapalooza Argentina 2023.

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