Writer: Wladimir Kaminer complains about abuse

Writer: Wladimir Kaminer complains about abuse

The 55-year-old tells of hostilities against his wife and adult daughter in Germany. They had spoken to each other in Russian in public…

The Moscow-born writer Wladimir Kaminer (55) has complained of hostilities against his family because of their origin. “My wife and my 26-year-old daughter recently spoke Russian to each other on the train to Brandenburg when an older woman approached her and shouted, ‘Get out of the train!'” the 55-year-old told Zeit-Magazin “. Russians in Germany had often reported hostilities since the start of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine.

Kaminer sees support for Russian President Vladimir Putin in his home country. “I assume that a third of the population supports him, a third is against him and a third has no opinion.” You can’t do surveys in a non-free country. “The Russians are not stupid, they know very well that this regime will not move. They have the choice to shut up or to say: ‘We support it’.”

The bestselling author (“Russendisko”) lives in Berlin.

Source: Stern

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