Cat locked in washing machine: student convicted in Salzburg

Cat locked in washing machine: student convicted in Salzburg
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The animal is suffocated in it. The student regretted the act and explained that she went through a “stupid phase” when she was 14. She also admitted to stealing cosmetics and operating an e-scooter without permission. The guilty verdict was made subject to the penalty.

The probationary period is three years. The student has to apply for probation and pay the cat’s owner 90 euros for the value of the animal. However, the emotional pain for the cat owner cannot be outweighed by money, the judge pointed out. The judgment is already final.

The incident happened in the laundry room of an apartment building in the Maxglan district of Salzburg. The student’s defense attorney said she was very sorry. Apparently, the girl wanted to open the door of the washing machine again, but it remained locked. Finally, a roommate opened the door, and the velvet paw had already died. The parole officer said the girl’s behavior has improved since then.

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