After Awards Ceremony: Chase in New York City? Taxi driver contradicts the portrayal of Harry and Meghan

After Awards Ceremony: Chase in New York City?  Taxi driver contradicts the portrayal of Harry and Meghan

Were there dramatic scenes in the chase of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan? The taxi driver partly contradicts the representation.

There are incredible parallels to the accidental death of Princess Diana (1961-1997) in Paris that are frightening. According to a spokesman for Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, the two were followed by several photographers in a taxi after the “Women of Vision” award in New York City. Dangerous scenes such as near-accidents are said to have occurred, as also confirmed by US media.

Now, of all people, Harry and Meghan’s taxi driver spoke to the “Bild” newspaper about the events. Basically, Sukhcharn Singh confirmed what happened on Tuesday evening, but limits the drama. According to him, the journey took around 20 minutes. Harry, Meghan and their mother Doria would have sat in his back seat. Since he would often drive celebrities through New York, he initially thought nothing of it and immediately noticed the photographers who followed them.

From his point of view, however, there were no dramatic scenes during the journey: “I didn’t see anything particularly dangerous – they stayed behind us!” However, his passengers made a “very nervous” impression. He tilted his head forward to concentrate on driving. The paparazzi agency Backgrid also contradicted the public presentation. A statement said there were no near misses, according to the photographers present.

This is the portrayal of the Sussexes

“Last night the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Mrs Ragland were involved in a near-fatal chase by a group of extremely aggressive paparazzi,” a spokesman for Prince Harry said on Wednesday.

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The relentless chase, which lasted over two hours, resulted in multiple near misses involving other drivers on the road, pedestrians and two NYPD officers.

Harry and Meghan were being followed by a “swarm” of paparazzi in cars and on motorcycles and scooters, a law enforcement source confirmed, according to CNN. A team from the New York Police Department followed Harry and Meghan in another car and had to do some evasive maneuvers to escape the paparazzi.

New York mayor speaks of “irresponsible” incident

New York Mayor Eric Adams told reporters at a news conference Wednesday morning that he had been told “two of our officers could have been injured” and condemned the incident as “reckless” and “irresponsible,” according to the New York Times. It is clear “that the press, the paparazzi, want to get the right photo, but public safety must always come first.”

He found it hard to believe there was a two-hour high-speed chase, but even a 10-minute chase would be “extremely dangerous” in New York City because of the traffic, Adams said. He also recalled Princess Diana’s accidental death after fleeing photographers: “I don’t think there are many of us who can’t remember how his mother died.”

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