“we will fly”

“we will fly”
“we will fly”

Alan has disappeared without a trace. His sister Misa goes in search of the former refugee child from Zilnia in Czechoslovakia, who has now made a career as a doctor in Vienna. In the process, the woman discovers how little she really knew about what characterizes and moves her brother. Susanne Gregor’s current novel “we will fly” builds on its predecessor “The last red year” on. The protagonists are the same, the work now presented is a kind “What became of…?” With Susanne Gregor, one has the feeling that it doesn’t matter which story she picks up on – whether it’s the biographies of fictional characters or the incorporation of her own migrant experiences: the author gets to the heart of every sentence, her novel is written fluently, easy to read and the content is captivating. That’s how I would like to express myself. Suzanne Gregor: “we will fly”Frankfurter Verlagsanstalt, 256 pages, 24 euros

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