7th Welser Voixfest: A festival for everyone under the sign of respect and tolerance

7th Welser Voixfest: A festival for everyone under the sign of respect and tolerance
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7th Welser Voixfest: A festival for everyone under the sign of respect and tolerance
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Together for Respect & Tolerance” was the motto of the Volkshilfe Oberösterreich for its series of events. Values ​​that are also shared by the Wels cultural association waschaecht, which has been based in the old slaughterhouse in Wels since 1985. So it makes sense for both initiatives to do something together, namely at the Welser Voixfest: “Especially in today’s time, in which certain forces are knowingly and deliberately driving the division of society, it is all the more important for responsible citizens to share values ​​such as mutual To consciously uphold understanding, solidarity, cooperation across all borders, respect and tolerance for all fellow human beings. That’s why, together with Volkshilfe, we stand up vehemently and explicitly for these values ​​at the Voixfest and other events,” says Thomas Butteweg, who, as waschaecht’s managing director, organized the seventh edition of the Voixfest. The old slaughterhouse once again becomes the stage for the local music scene, this time with singer-songwriters such as Jan Greindl, Boulderpaul, Fluadan and Siegfried Loidl alias Siegall. The latter can be heard in the trio Unplugged with Armin Wiesinger (e-bass, double bass) and Gerhard Klingovsky (guitar, improvisation).

Also there: the four “Stodtoffn” and the duo Feel inc. The game is played with free entry, at some point a hat will make the rounds.

The join-in Circus Funtastico at 3:30 p.m. and the hula hoop show “Squeezed Peaches: Hoop-O-Magic” at 5 p.m. await not only young audiences on the “Bunten Brise Wiese”. The Wels fire brigade invites you to fire brigade games. The colorful festival ranges from table tennis to a Mario Kart tournament.

Peaceful and joyful flair

Market and information stands for “new and used” or a “merry-go-round of superfluous things” encourage people to think about consumption. is of course provided for the physical well.

Thomas Butteweg: “The special Voixfest flair is fed by our concern and the corresponding relaxed, comfortable, peaceful and joyful get-together of the families from the community.”

Info: May 27, from 3 p.m., free admission (Huadpartie), no pre-sale, www.schlachthofwels.at

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