Ancap opens the Portland business to private individuals, this is how the association will be

Ancap opens the Portland business to private individuals, this is how the association will be

“Today we approved a bidding document to find a partner with whom we intend to rescue an emblematic business for Ancap and for the country and that, by mistake or by omission, has been fatally neglected,” said the majority of the board.

The association process between Ancap and private companies began to be outlined two years ago, in 2021, and included several stages such as a call for expressions of interest and competitive dialogue, and a phase of preparation of the bases and conditions of the tender.

What will the partnership between Ancap and private companies be like?

According to the approved bidding documents, the association will be integral industrial and commercial, and will carry out the portland cement and lime business in whole or in part with the objective of reverse the deficit situation current and restore competitiveness of the sector.

The bidding companies must present a business plan, which must include the personnel requirements and the minimum committed investments, reported Ancap.

“Saving the cement and lime business requires overcoming the technological obsolescence of our plants, the low mechanical reliability of certain critical production equipment, the consequent low efficiency of labor per ton produced, the fixed and variable costs of production and Fundamentally, the lack of a market to whom to sell what is produced,” said the board of directors of the state oil company.

The Broad Front voted against

The director for the Broad Front (FA) in Ancap, Vincent Churchesvoted against the association with private companies, considering that the process is “inconvenient for Ancap and, ultimately, for the entire country,” reported Underlined.

The opposition demands “a public, open and transparent debatee with all of society and all the actors involved”, and a specific law.

For his part, he Single National Union of Construction and Annexes (Sunca) denounced the “privatization policy” of the government and announced that it is analyzing measures in the extractive sector.

In addition, he called for a dialogue table on how the jobs will be absorbed. “We recognize the willingness to speak as expressed in the Ancap declaration, but it is time to move forward in the drafting of this claim by all the organizations involved,” she indicated.

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