Jimena Barón and the unusual moment she lived in an intimate encounter

Jimena Barón and the unusual moment she lived in an intimate encounter

Jimena Baron She returned to television as a guest on Noche al Dente (America) an unusual anecdote that she lived with a man at a time of being single, in times of pandemic and sexual abstinence.

First Fernando Dente He showed the actress and singer a photo in which she is seen opening a champagne cork, wearing sexy underwear.

Far from the intimate connotation that the actor and driver intuited, Jimena surprised him by stating that she was alone on that occasion. And to everyone’s surprise, she recounted an unexpected situation, in the middle of a love date.


The unusual moment that Jimena Barón lived

Jimena Barón: -In that photo she was single. In the time of La Cobra, nothing. Nobody.

Fer Dente: -Didn’t you eat anything? Why selective?

Jimena: -No, because I didn’t have time. And then unusual things happened to me. I spent six months with nothing.

Fer: -What happened to you? An unusual tell me…

Jimena: -No, it doesn’t matter.

Fer: -Diseases?

Jimena: -Oh, Fernando!

Fer: -No, that’s where you tell me “I had herpes”.

Jimena: –Once, a boy passed out. Yes, he passed out.

Fer: -With this other photo that I have here I can understand why he fainted. Look, he (Matías Palleiro) did not faint.

Jimena: -No, he doesn’t faint. Because I asked God.

Jimena Baron shows

On June 13 and 14, Jimena Barón will present her third album, Mala Sangre, at the Teatro Ópera. Additionally, she will perform popular songs from her previous albums, La Tonta y La Cobra.

Later, the actress and singer will visit Córdoba (June 30) and Rosario (July 1).

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