Nicki Nicole presented “Alma”, her new album

Nicki Nicole presented “Alma”, her new album

It features collaborations from Rels B, Milo J, YSY A and Young Miko.

the urban artist Nicki Nicole premiered tonight on digital platforms his third album, titled “Soul”a conceptual work in which he exhibits his most intimate and experimental side to address various genres, and where there are collaborations with YSY A, Relays B, young miko and Milo J..

“We seek to show darkness, fullness, happiness and all the points of what one feels and I really feel that it was captured one hundred.” The singer pointed out about the concept of a plate that carries a lot of her “essence and transparency” with lyrics that reflect on self-love and emotional dependence.

“It’s a super cute album, I feel like people are going to like it a lot. People I admire a lot are part of it, both producers and people from the industry. I feel that it is a great album, it took time to wait, but it was worth it ”, he added.

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Collaborations of Nicki Nicole in “Alma”

His first preview was “I will not cry :’)”a theme with which he opened the new chapter of his story and this conceptual triangulation between “heart, soul and reason” that guides the musical journey, to which producers such as tatool and The Guinchoamong others.

The second advance had been that of his alliance with Relays Bembodied in “What’s wrong with me?”a song with a dembow rhythm presented live at the concert by the Spanish artist at the mythical Foro Sol de México in front of more than 65,000 people, while the third and last preview had been “Shoot” with Nicki fusing her voice with the young rapper Milo J. on a boom bap base and lyrics that talk about the determination to get ahead and the challenges presented by art and the world of music.


They are also the rapper YSY Awhich provides rhymes in “Stars Fall” on a track fingered by the electronic pulse, while the Puerto Rican artist young miko stands out in “8 AM”.

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