Anna Ermakova: “Let’s dance” trophy is too heavy and fragile for her

Anna Ermakova: “Let’s dance” trophy is too heavy and fragile for her

It was an emotional evening for Anna Ermakova when she won the “Let’s dance” final. But the trophy now presents them with serious challenges: it has to arrive safely in London.

It’s not just a sparkling disco ball. It is the “Let’s dance” trophy that makes Anna Ermakova “Dancingstar 2023”.

But it is precisely this that poses a problem for the 23-year-old. Because he weighs ten kilograms, as her dance partner Valentin Lusin found out. And he’s still very fragile. Not an easy task for Anna to bring him home safely.

He is currently still in the hotel, but in an interview with RTL she revealed: “I still don’t know how to get it to London. I hope I can take it on the plane … It’s really heavy.”

Anna Ermakova: Your trophy is too heavy and fragile for air travel

Valentin Lusin understands her problem and survives back and forth: “You can’t take it with you as hand luggage. It won’t be that easy. And checking it in as luggage is also difficult, it’s fragile.”

The two don’t seem to have a solution yet, but Lusin jokes: “You could just leave it to me.” But it quickly becomes clear that he doesn’t mean it seriously: “No, you really deserve the trophy and of course I want you to take it with you and think back to it again and again.”

She also received a special souvenir from Lusin. On their last day of training together, he conjured up a bracelet he had made himself out of his pocket, “so that she would never forget the good times and would always think of her.” It says “Team Curly Fries”, they are white beads, each has a black letter printed on it.

“Anyway, I’ve found a friend,” said Lusin. And Ermakova was visibly touched. In the last three months, the two have spent a lot of time together: they trained together almost every day, Anna not only learned to dance from Valentin, but also the German language.

In hectic or difficult moments, the two of them sometimes communicated in English and Russian. You want to keep in touch.


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