Mariana Fabbiani returns to TV at the hands of Marcelo Tinelli

Mariana Fabbiani returns to TV at the hands of Marcelo Tinelli

The host confirmed that she will return to television with her DDM program, after more than two years off.

After more than two years without being on the Argentine screen, the host Mariana Fabbiani will return to the television. The place she chose is America TVwhere he will debut with his classic program DDMby the channel’s artistic director, Marcelo Tinelli.

Both gave an exclusive interview to the LAM program (also on the American screen, hosted by Ángel de Brito, to tell details of what is to come. “The truth is that it is a joy to re-enter America. I felt very good” said the driver.


Mariana Fabbiani and Marcelo Tinelli, before returning to television.

Mariana Fabbiani and Marcelo Tinelli, before returning to television.

“He has more years in America than me,” said Marcelo. “When he called me, I was on other paths, and the truth is that motivated me to come here. With him here, for the first time in America, with his project. It seemed to me that there was a lot to do, a new way to go,” Mariana confessed about Tinelli’s proposal.

The chosen date for the return of the cycle is not yet defined. “If it were up to me, I would like it to debut on June 5,” Tinelli said. Between laughs, Fabianni replied: “A little week later. I see it more for the second week of juneLet’s see if first or second.”

The new programming of América TV

In addition to Fabbiani’s return to leadership, the arrival of the former president of San Lorenzo at the channel’s direction brings with it some ingenious moves. Among them is the return of Polemica in the bar, but this time with Marcela Tinayre as a driver.

In addition, this 2023 will bring a new edition of the Dancing for a Dream, again led by the businessman. The classic cycle of dance and entertainment already has some of its confirmed participants. Such is the case of Thomas Holderformer Big Brother; Luciano the tirri, driver’s cousin; and Coti Romero and Alexis “The Rabbit” Quirogaanother of the couples from the Telefé reality show.

On the other hand, a new addition will be The debate of The Dancing 2023a reality satellite show hosted by Denise Dumas, which will go on Saturdays and Sundays on the American screen. Among the prominent panelists who have already been confirmed are journalists Laura Ubfal, Augusto Tartufoli and the model Eliana Guercio.

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