Aurora Ramazzotti gets Shitstorm because she’s out without a baby

Aurora Ramazzotti gets Shitstorm because she’s out without a baby

Aurora Ramazzotti posted a video on Instagram showing her at a concert. Her fans are angry because she is not with her baby.

Since Aurora Ramazzotti became a mom, she has also let her followers on Instagram participate in her everyday mom life. She received a lot of praise when she showed off her realistic after-baby body just a few days after giving birth.

She has also already posted pictures showing her breastfeeding Baby Cesare on the couch or in the nursery.

But now there was criticism for the daughter of Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti: she treated herself to a baby-free evening – and attended a concert. In a video you can see them smiling at the event.

Aurora Ramazzotti: Her fans are mad at her

However, it’s too early for her fans: “Don’t you have to breastfeed your baby?” Commented a follower. “The main thing is that you have fun and leave your baby alone. It’s still so small that it urgently needs its mom, i.e. you,” wrote another.

In the comment column, however, some also defended the 26-year-old mom. “Just because you’re a mother now doesn’t mean you have to give up your life,” it said.

It is not known who took care of the eight-week-old Cesare that evening. Whether it was dad Goffredo Cerza or grandma Michelle Hunziker: the little one must have been in the best of hands.

Hunziker is particularly happy that she can be a very active grandmother at the age of 46: “Apart from the births of my daughters, today was the best day of my life,” she wrote in her Instagram story on the day of his birth.

So she was even there in the delivery room: In the Italian show “Verissimo” she revealed that it was particularly impressive “how the baby came out of my daughter’s stomach”.

This unforgettable moment not only made her an “overjoyed” grandmother, but also brought with it a realization: “Only now do I understand the emotions of grandparents in the face of a child coming out of their daughter’s womb. It’s incredible! It is that life that goes on.”

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