Princess Kate’s lewd joke about intimate areas causes trouble

Princess Kate’s lewd joke about intimate areas causes trouble

In the series “Citadel” a joke was made about Princess Kate. But now it’s going backwards. Royal experts are appalled.

“Citadel” is actually an agent series on Prime Video, which is about the independent secret service “Citadel”. But Princess Kate also appears in one scene: the boss of a criminal gang says that breaking into a well-secured office is like “getting between the Duchess of Cambridge’s legs”. This is reported by the English “Sun”.

In an interview with the newspaper, royal expert Richard Fitzsimmons was horrified: “It’s absolutely crazy that someone would make such obscene comments. It’s even quite unusual.”

Particularly spicy: actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas can be seen in the female lead. And she is a good friend of Duchess Meghan. Kate and her sister-in-law are said to have a bad relationship.

Obscene joke about Princess Kate divides minds

Fitzsimmons also commented on this special relationship: “I find it shocking. We know that Priyanka Chopra is a supporter of Meghan. Amazon needs to explain what the insult to real people, members of the royal family, is doing in this series. “

“Citadel” is one of the flagship projects of Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service. According to the Swiss portal “Nau”, it is the “second most expensive series of all time” that has been produced for Prime Video to date – right after “Rings of Power”, which is considered the most expensive to date.

In the starinterview, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, 40, expressed her enthusiasm for the series. “In fact, for the first time in my career, I was paid the same as my male colleagues. It annoyed me that I used to be paid less for the same work,” she said.

“Citadel” is one of the few concepts that is global and very diverse, says Chopra Jonas. In addition to the main series, there will be other offshoots that will be filmed in different countries and spoken in the respective national language, such as a variant from India and one from Italy. It is not yet known when these will appear.

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