Cannes: Tom Hanks mad on the red carpet? Rita Wilson clears up the incident

Cannes: Tom Hanks mad on the red carpet?  Rita Wilson clears up the incident

Pictures from the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival showed what appeared to be an upset Tom Hanks, along with his wife Rita Wilson, arguing with a festival employee. Now Wilson explains what was behind it.

Along with Keanu Reeves, Tom Hanks is one of the few Hollywood stars who doesn’t have a bad reputation and who has almost never exhibited diva behavior in their career. Hanks has been one of the few nice guys in the movie industry for decades.

Cannes: Tom Hanks in alleged argument with employee

Many fans were all the more surprised when pictures from Cannes recently made the rounds, on which it looks as if Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson are making a snail out of a festival employee. The nice Mister Hanks – in the end a quick-tempered superstar? Not at all, believe Rita Wilson herself.

After several newspapers reported on the alleged incident and suggested that Hanks had freaked out, she took a stand on Instagram herself. In her story, the Oscar winner’s wife published a screenshot of a press report and wrote: “It’s called ‘I can’t hear you. People are screaming. What did you say? Where should we go?'” So it just happened an organizational problem.

Rita Wilson enlightens

Things can get turbulent on the red carpet at the film festival. Movie stars pose with their peers, photographers yell for attention and fans cheer from afar. So it’s not surprising that such a stressful situation can be chaotic even for an old Hollywood veteran like Tom Hanks.

And the said festival employee Vincent Chapalain has now clarified the incident on Twitter. “They just asked me to go back to the front of the carpet with the rest of the film crew (I’m not security) and with the photographers screaming, they’re forced to speak up,” he wrote.

So fans should rest easy: Tom Hanks can still be called one of the nicest actors in Hollywood.

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