Prince Harry loses to London High Court: Private claim “not reasonable”

Prince Harry loses to London High Court: Private claim “not reasonable”

British court rejects Prince Harry’s requests for police protection during visit to the UK Even if the prince pays for the protection himself, he doesn’t get it.

No, no and no again: This is the absolute summary of the decision of the London High Court on Prince Harry’s lawsuit for self-paid police protection in his homeland. The royal left the British royal family with his family in 2020 and moved to California. Since then, the Sussexes have had to pay for their security forces themselves worldwide. Working members of the royal family receive police protection at government expense.

However, since Prince Harry and his wife Duchess Meghan have expressly decided against the royal family, the royal privileges are also omitted. The British police have a variety of information that private individuals cannot access when operating to ensure the safety of the Royals. Such as current events and information available to British Intelligence. Prince Harry’s security team does not get this either – a reason why the prince went to court and asked for police protection.

Police protection lawsuit causes high costs

Prince Harry’s lawsuit was admitted for the first time in late summer 2022, but the request that he be allowed to use police protection in the future, which he offered to pay for himself, has now been rejected by the court. The costs of the lawsuit are currently estimated at 300,000 euros in tax money, according to the British magazine “The Sun”. These costs can still be passed on to the prince at the end of the process – but the end of the security lawsuit has not yet been reached. According to estimates, the costs can increase to as much as 500,000 euros.

The current judgment only refers to the demand for privately paid police protection. The Interior Ministry justified this decision by saying that it was “not appropriate” for wealthy individuals to be allowed to use the services of armed officers. And the fifth in line to the throne after leaving the royal family is considered to be just such a wealthy private individual.

Prince Harry is now a normal celebrity

According to the British magazine “Daily Mail”, the Metropolitan Police itself is also behind the decision and refers to the protection of its officers: “It is wrong for a police authority to put officers in danger for a fee by a private individual.” The police are also said to have raised concerns that a precedent could be set elsewhere. If Prince Harry were to have the privately paid police at his disposal, on what grounds could this privilege be denied to other celebrities?

This decision is a partial decision within the lawsuit, the process is not over yet and it is still being examined whether the basic refusal of the police protection of the 38-year-old was legal.

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