After the transition, Elliot Page is happy to be alive

After the transition, Elliot Page is happy to be alive

Elliot Page is one of the most famous trans men in the United States. In his autobiography, Page talks about the hardships of transition and his own privileges as a celebrity.

In his autobiography Pageboy, out June 6, Elliot Page talks at length about his life and transition. The actor is aware that as a famous person he enjoys some privileges – especially compared to other people in the USA who still have this path ahead of them.

Elliot Page: Autobiography “Pageboy”

One of the reasons he wrote Pageboy in the first place, Page told People magazine. “I think in this time where there’s not only hate, but also misinformation or just blatant lies about LGTBQ+ life, about our healthcare, it felt like the right time,” he says. While his experiences may not match those of most other trans people, representation is still important. He didn’t have that as a kid, he admits.

Trans people are disproportionately affected by grievances, Page tells the magazine. After his own transition, he was just happy to be alive at all. In the first chapter of Pageboy, which People published, Page reflects on his first visit to a gay bar called Reflections when he was in his early 20s.

First experiences in a gay bar

“Shame had etched itself into my bones since I was a young child and I was struggling to rid my body of that old toxic and erosive marrow. But there was a joy in the room, lifting me up, forcing a reaction in the jaw, an uncontrolled, steady smile,” he writes. There, when he kissed a woman named Paula, he felt the “unbearable burden of self-loathing that I had carried around with me for so long” falling from him. But the kiss in the bar wasn’t the beginning of a positive development in Page’s life, as he reveals at the end of the chapter. Because just a few months later, “Juno” celebrated its premiere, the film that would make Page world-famous.

“Juno” delighted cinema audiences in 2007. But it would be 13 years before Page revealed on Instagram that he was trans and his name was Elliot.


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