Queen Elizabeth II: FBI reveals 1980s assassination plot against the Queen

Queen Elizabeth II: FBI reveals 1980s assassination plot against the Queen

Recently released FBI documents reveal a horrifying plot. In the 1980s, Queen Elizabeth II was about to be killed while visiting the United States.

Queen Elizabeth II was 96 years old and died in autumn 2022 – a fact that is not at all self-evident if you read the FBI files that have recently been published. The queen was supposed to be assassinated in the 1980s, but the secret services were able to prevent the assassination plan.

The documents show that the Queen visited the United States in 1983 and the FBI was aware of death threats and even more specific assassination plans. The Federal Bureau of Investigation uploaded the 102-page file to its information website last Monday after a request from US media.

A police officer from San Francisco gave the crucial clue. In his favorite pub, he met a man who wanted revenge for his daughter, who “was killed by a rubber bullet in Northern Ireland”. During the Northern Ireland conflict, the IRA, the Irish Republican Army, campaigned for the expulsion of the English from Northern Ireland. The head of state for both states was Queen Elizabeth II.

There were apparently two different assassination plots against the Queen

According to the documents, the message from the attentive police officer reached the FBI on February 4, 1983 – about a month before the visit of Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip to California was planned. The police officer said: “He wants to harm Queen Elizabeth and will do so by either throwing an object from the Golden Gate Bridge at the Royal Yacht Britannia as it sails under it, or he will try to Killing Queen Elizabeth when she visits Yosemite National Park.”

The Secret Service took the warning seriously and planned to “close the walkways on the Golden Gate Bridge as soon as the yacht approaches.” It is unclear what action was taken in Yosemite National Park, but the Queen’s visit did take place. Details of possible arrests were not released by the FBI.

“England, Get Out of Ireland”

The files also show that the FBI repeatedly ensured the Queen’s safety on various visits to the United States. A pilot once received a subpoena for flying over Battery Park in a small plane with a sign that read “England, Get Out of Ireland.” There have been repeated threats from the IRA during Queen’s visits.

Prince Philip’s uncle, Lord Mountbatten, was killed in an IRA bomb attack off the coast of County Sligo in the Republic of Ireland in 1979. Also ahead of the late Queen’s visit to Kentucky in 1989, an internal FBI memo said: “The possibility of threats against the British monarchy from the Irish Republican Army (IRA) is ubiquitous. Boston and New York are asked to To heed threats made by IRA members against Queen Elizabeth II and report them immediately to Louisville, Kentucky.”

Even in 1991, the Secret Service remained on the alert after a conspicuous number of tickets were sold to Irish groups at a Baltimore Orioles baseball game that the Queen attended with President George H. Bush.

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