Reinhardt seminar: fuss about Maria Happel

Reinhardt seminar: fuss about Maria Happel
Maria Happel
Image: APA/Erwin Scheriau

In a letter, students of the Max Reinhardt Seminar demanded the resignation of institute director Maria Happel and her deputy Annett Matzke. According to a “Standard” report, they denounce a system of “abuse of power, nepotism and ignorance” and fear for the quality of education. More than two thirds of the students are said to have signed. In it they ask Ulrike Sych, Rector of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, to which the Reinhardt Seminar belongs, for help.

According to the students, since cases of harassment and abuse of power became public a year ago, the institute’s management has not attempted to clarify the matter. At the same time, further allegations are made. For example, role-playing lessons should continue to take place in unprotected rooms outside the institution. Matzke made students cry in one-to-one conversations, and Happel, who also directs the Reichenau Festival and is a member of the Burgtheater ensemble, is said to have shouted at a heavily pregnant employee in front of others. The rectorate did not comment.

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