Too feminine: Billie Eilish takes on “idiot” haters

Too feminine: Billie Eilish takes on “idiot” haters

‘Let women exist!’: Billie Eilish has fumed at some ‘idiotic’ comments about her outfits.

World star Billie Eilish (21) once again had to realize a frustrating realization: however you do it, you do it wrong, especially as a woman in show business. So she wrote an urgent incendiary speech to some of her supposed fans on social networks, in which she took on the critics of her most recent “female appearances” at events.

“A letter regarding some of the comments I sometimes see”, . “For the first five years of my career, I was completely destroyed by you idiots for being too boyish and dressing like that. I was constantly told that I was much hotter if I dressed like a woman.”

Women can have multiple facets?

“Now that I’m comfortable enough wearing something remotely feminine or form-fitting, I’ve shifted and become his sellout,” Eilish said. She constantly has to ask herself questions like “What just happened to her?” listen, or put up with the accusation, “Oh my god, that’s not the same Billie anymore, now she’s like everyone else.”

Her clear message to the authors of such comments: “I can be both, you damn idiots. Let women exist!” In another Instagram story, she continued this thought with a “fun fact”: “Did you know that women can be multifaceted? Crazy, isn’t it? Believe it or not, but women can be interesting in different areas .” Also “completely crazy” for some people is the idea that “you want to express yourself in different ways at different times”.

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