Ricardo Darín’s sad farewell to his dog

Ricardo Darín’s sad farewell to his dog

The actor said goodbye to his dog Ronko through his networks with an emotional message.

Ricardo Darin He always showed great affection for animals. For this reason, the actor is going through a hard personal moment due to the death of one of his pets, for which he published an emotional post on his social networks.

Through his Twitter account, Darín confirmed the departure of his dog Ronko, recently affected by a severe illness. “Until next time Ronko dear!!! I wish you peace at last”expressed the protagonist of Argentina, 1985.


As expected, his post generated repercussions among his followers, who filled comments with encouragement and good wishes for the beloved actor.

For her part, Clara, Ricardo’s daughter, shared an emotional video with her pet on her Instagram profile. Without the need to express words, the young woman published images in which she appears with Ronko, both lying on the sofa, while she caresses his paw.


The day Ricardo Darín appeared by surprise on television with a lost dog

Darín’s aforementioned love for animals was once again evidenced two years ago when he appeared by surprise on the program Estamos a tiempo (America) hosted by Leo Montero with a dog he found on the street.

“I found it in Justiniano Carranza, they were about to run him over. Honestly, I believe that this dog is not a stray. He is very clean for having been on the street for a long time, and I think he ran from somewhere today. And I don’t know if he is from that corner or from a neighboring neighborhood. And this is a glorious opportunity to find out quickly. They were about to run him over, too. I bought him this little strap that fits him well, ”said the actor who rescued the puppy, whom he had in his arms.

Later, it was Leo Montero himself who finally revealed what happened to the puppy that Ricardo Darín had found lost in the streets of the Palermo neighborhood. “I just spoke with Ricardo and he told me that no one claimed it, the puppy was lost or abandoned so he decided to look for someone. He connected with some people who have a park, two puppies, so he already has his new family and they are incorporating it.

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