Jenny Elvers talks about her love life – and regrets a “huge mistake”

Jenny Elvers talks about her love life – and regrets a “huge mistake”

In the series “Eating With My Ex” celebrities go out to dinner with their former partner. Jenny Elvers is in the new season and meets her son’s father. Above all, she sees one mistake in retrospect.

At the age of 51, actress Jenny Elvers can look back on an eventful life. With artistic and private highlights, but also many separations and deep falls.

Now the mother of a 22-year-old son is working on part of her private story publicly – she is participating in the second season of the reality format “Eating With My Ex”. The concept of the series, which is broadcast on the niche channel TLC, is simple: reality stars meet their respective ex-partners for dinner and talk about the failed relationship.

In the first season, the former “Bachelor” Andrej Mangold and his former girlfriend Pauline had something important to clarify. In the second season (from June 5th every Monday from 10:15 p.m.) Jenny Elvers will be seen. Her episode will air June 19.

Jenny Elvers has a number of celebrity ex-boyfriends

Elvers was in a relationship with a number of famous men in her life, including pop musician Dieter Bohlen, “Party King” Michael Ammer, actor Heiner Lauterbach, rapper Thomas D and most recently ex-jungle king Marc Terenzi. She was married to her manager Goetz Elvershagen from 2003 to 2014.

But for “Eating With My Ex” she met another man: Alex Jolig. Jenny Elvers has a very special connection with the ex-“Big Brother” star: He is the father of her son Paul Jolig, who was born in 2001.

The two still have a good relationship, so there won’t be any trouble at dinner together. “We are very relaxed and friendly with each other,” said Jenny Elvers of the online magazine “Bunte.de”. “I’m very good friends with both Alex and his wife Britt.”

But even if the present looks rosy, the actress (“Men’s Pension”, “Knallhart”) sees “a huge mistake” in looking at the past: “We should have talked a lot more to each other than about each other,” she says “Bunte .de” about her separation from Jolig. “It would have been easier and better for both of them that way.”

By the way, Jenny Elvers is currently single – and not at all sad about it. “I’m enjoying my life a lot right now and I really like being by myself.”

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