The public invitation of China Suárez to Cabré: “We are waiting for you”

The public invitation of China Suárez to Cabré: “We are waiting for you”

The relationship between the actors Eugenia “China” Suarez and Nicolas Cabre strengthened over the years, after their separationand they demonstrate it every time they are commented on in the social networks.

On this occasion, the protagonist of “Dad for a day” decided to comment on a post to the former “Teen Angels”, who made a fun video dancing with her daughter.

“Very good!!! Who is the beauty that is dressed in black? I die of love”Cabré wrote in the publication that his ex uploaded to Instagram, alluding to Rufina.

To which China decided to respond humorously and challenge him: “We are waiting for you for a TikTok”.

The relationship of “China” Suárez with Vicuña and Cabré

Nine years after the separation of the Argentine actor and a year and a half after the end of the relationship with the Chilean interpreter, the singer spoke about the current link that you have with the parents of your children.


In dialogue with the América channel and within the framework of the promotion of the film “Objects”, the actress indicated: “There are many things with which many novels are put together. It is very difficult to be clarifying or denying all the time. But he is the father of my children. I have that as a motto.”

The statements of “China” were given after Vicuña pointed out that both “recomposed the relationship, that they get along very well, that they chat.”

“Just as I have a very good relationship with Nico. For me it is inconceivable not to get along with the father of my children”Suárez added regarding the bond he has with both exes.

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