Ferro’s unforgettable goal that came thanks to the assist of the ball boy

Ferro’s unforgettable goal that came thanks to the assist of the ball boy

But the highlight of the match came hand in hand of a ball boywhich was key for his team to score a goal in a game.

The emotion of the ball boy

The emotion of having participated in the play made me burst into tearsa situation that sensitized the football world on social networks.

The situation occurred in the match between Ferro and Deportivo Riestra at the Arquitecto Ricardo Etcheverri Stadium, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Caballito.

The railway group seeks to get into the Reduced zone to dispute the chance to return to the First Division, from which it left in 2000.

On the cold night of last Monday and within the framework of the Date 16 of Group B of the First Nationalan attack from the green box was cut off on the right wing by the defender of Deportivo Riestra Nicolás Demateiwho sent the ball to the side.

attentive and fast the little ball boy quickly gave the ball to the experienced Ferro defender Hernán Grana, who took out the side for the striker Alexander Diaz: the attacker took advantage of the fact that the visiting defense was in a bad position, he shot a good cross into the six-yard box and Pablo Palacio was in charge of putting the ball into the rival goal with his head.

“We can say that it is half a goal for the ball player, taking into account how attentive he was,” said the renowned commentator. Eduardo “Ruso” Ramenzoni in the official transmission of the matchwhich ultimately ended 2-2.

Immediately after, the child who started the play burst into tears, images that were captured by official television.

After the meeting, Ferro released some information about the ball player through his social networks: “Man of the Match. Joaquín Suárez was born in Santa Fe, plays in the 8th. Division of @juvenilesferro and lives in the pension: today, he had a key contribution for the first goal and that’s how he got excited”.

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