Carmen Barbieri hospitalized: what is the diagnosis and complication caused by COVID

Carmen Barbieri hospitalized: what is the diagnosis and complication caused by COVID

The capocómica had a medical episode again this weekend and had to be admitted to undergo a series of studies. What is known and when she could be discharged.

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Carmen Barbieri She has been admitted to the Zabala Clinic since this Saturday for studies. The capocomica revealed that she is doing lung studies and, at first, she does not look like pneumonia.

For his part, from his Twitter account, his panelist Sebastian Pampito Perello He added that Barbieri had not felt well for days. “He had respiratory symptoms that did not improve with home treatment,” he said. And she confirmed that, after having gone to the guard for a medical check-up, the driver was hospitalized with a picture of bronchospasm.

But also, the panelist Stephanie Berardi added an extra piece of information that goes back to when the driver was in serious condition due to COVID. “They want to rule out that it is not a beginning of pneumonia. tells me that After the covid his lungs were weak, that’s why he gets sick often. I was having bronchospasms. Let’s hope it’s nothing serious for us, he does well in his studies and returns home on Monday.”

It should be remembered that Barbieri contracted coronavirus in May 2021 and his painting had been very delicate. “I almost die. They tell me that the Covid I had was heavy, very strong, one of the strongest. Of every 10 people who had the Covid that I had, 9 die and 1 is saved. And there I was, that means that it was not my moment ”, he had recounted then, after having remained in a pharmacological coma for 20 days.

But it’s not the only medical episode he’s had in recent years. Recently, in mid-April, Barbieri had also had to suspend his activities when he contracted the herpes zoster virus, which gave him a bad rash on his neck.

The first message in hospitalization

More composed, Barbieri dedicated an emotional message to her son Federico Bal who is on a trip for his program “Around the World.” “I miss you,” he expressed.


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