in Florida press for the construction of the dam on the Casupá stream

in Florida press for the construction of the dam on the Casupá stream

The Departmental Board insists that the project suspended during the administration of Luis Lacalle Pou be revived.

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The Florida Departmental Board demanded with “the support of the entire political system”, that the construction of the dam on the Casupá stream be refloated, suspended by the administration of the President Luis Lacalle Pou, when pointing out that it can be a solution in the framework of the water crisis that generates important complications in Uruguay.

Leaders of the ruling party and the opposition agreed that It is a “necessary” work. for which they agreed to generate instances of dialogue with OSE, the Ministry of Environment and the Office of Planning and Budget, with the aim of concretizing the initiative, which would thus become a new reserve of drinking water.

Councilors of the coalition and Mayor Guillermo López, of the National Party, as well as Senator Amanda Della Ventura (Broad Front), who is from that department.

The work had been presented in 2019 by former president Tabaré Vázquez and contemplated financing through the Development Bank of Latin America–CAF. However, the current Executive decided to suspend it in 2020 to give priority to the Neptuno Project, which will advance with a water treatment plant in Arazatí.

Criticism of Ortuño for prioritizing the Neptuno Project

In fact, several months ago, the Director of OSE, Edgardo Ortuño, filed a claim for annulment against the resolution approving the Neptuno project before the Contentious-Administrative Tribunal (TCA), considering that it was issued irregularly and was resolved through an urgent procedure, that is, without due time for analysis.

Besides, Ortuno criticized that the project does not ensure the production of drinking water for the 365 days a year. Later on, the Frente Amplista maintained that the Casupá dam would grant “backing that contributes 118 million cubic meters of water”, that could have been essential in the current context of water deficit.

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