Lily-Rose Depp: That’s how she wanted nude scenes in “The Idol”.

Lily-Rose Depp: That’s how she wanted nude scenes in “The Idol”.

Actress Lily-Rose Depp shows a lot of skin in the series “The Idol”. She has now spoken about the nude scenes in an interview.

Lily-Rose Depp (24) presented her new series “The Idol” last week at the Cannes Film Festival. In an interview with the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung”, the French revealed, among other things, that she was not replaced by a body double in the nude scenes. “No, that’s me just the way I am,” she said, laughing. “I love my work, including this part, and I don’t mind pushing my limits for the job,” Depp continued. The revealing scenes showed very impressively who the character was. “That’s why I wanted the scenes to be the same.”

Lily-Rose Depp: “I feel most free in front of the camera”

Her character, Jocelyn, is a stage actress through and through, even when she’s alone. “Every outfit, every interaction and even every inch of nudity is deliberately chosen to give the character maximum impact,” explains the French-American artist, admitting: “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with enjoying this type of work. ” In fact, she feels most free in front of the camera, because she can let go. “These are the moments when I don’t think too much about everything and don’t overanalyze everything,” says the daughter of the former star couple Vanessa Paradis (50) and Johnny Depp (59).

In the US, the permissiveness of “The Idol” caused a scandal. “Of course it was clear to us that we were doing something very provocative. None of us wanted to please the Puritans or play it safe,” explains Lily-Rose Depp and makes it clear “The series is certainly not for everyone. It has to be not everyone likes it either. But we are incredibly proud of it and think it’s great.”

The important work of the intimacy coordinators

During the shooting, an intimacy coordinator made sure that intimate scenes were treated with respect. This is important “so that everyone involved feels comfortable in front of the camera […] and every human being retains autonomy over their own body” and that boundaries are respected. “It’s always haywire on film sets, and all hell breaks loose there. I think it’s incredibly important that someone makes sure that nothing happens that shouldn’t happen,” summarizes the young actress.

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