Who was Pablo Martín Serrano, the River fan who lost his life

Who was Pablo Martín Serrano, the River fan who lost his life

The meeting yesterday that they carried out River and Defense and Justice, valid for the 19th. date of Professional Soccer Leaguewas suspended 25 minutes into the first half for the death of a fanwhich fell from the Sívori Alta tribune.

The fact shook the argentinian soccer and caused a distressing day at the Monumental stadium after a death that could have been prevented.

Who was the man who died in the Monumental

As revealed by official sources, the fan who died at the Monumental was known as Pablo Marcelo Serrano and he was 53 years old. Likewise, the supporter’s daughter was in another sector of the Monumental and hours after the fateful episode she finds herself declaring before the Justice.

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Serrano was a member of the club and was part of the group “Los Pibes del 20”, based in the Buenos Aires city of Morón. In his environment they knew him as “carucha”.

River’s statement

“He Football Safety Committee and Club Atlético River Plate regret to inform that, in this afternoon’s game against Defense and Justice, a supporter jumped into the void from the stands Sívori Alta and died on the spot. The medical service immediately arrived at the area of ​​the incident, as did the police and various security agencies.

The Sivori Alta grandstand, where the deceased person had his season ticket, was located to the 90% of its capacity. At the time of the fall there was no intervention by third parties. It was furthermore found that there was no situation of violence in the stands or around him. After 30 minutes, the Stadium was completely evacuated.

security agencies and the Fiscal Unit Specialized in Massive Events, by Dr. Celsa RamírezThey are acting and carrying out the pertinent investigations.

By instruction of the prosecutor, the gallery was closed for 24 hours to obtain evidence.

Source: Ambito

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