Photos: Cathy Hummels naked in “Playboy” as a restart

Photos: Cathy Hummels naked in “Playboy” as a restart

Influencer Cathy Hummels largely drops all covers in the magazine. She also reveals how she managed to be comfortable in her own body and what the divorce has to do with it.

Influencer Cathy Hummels (35) sees her nude photos in the new “Playboy” as a new start. “I do what I want, I stand by myself and I’m grateful that I’m healthy after the tough years I’ve had,” said the ex-wife of soccer player Mats Hummels, according to the men’s magazine. “I see the shooting as a new start and I would like to dare it together with you.”

Hummels appears largely naked on the cover of July’s “Playboy”, which is due to be released today. “I’ve never really accepted my body. I’m 35 years old and only now can I say: I like myself. I would have liked to have had this body feeling earlier,” she said.

Divorce as a sticking point

She “only paid attention to my psyche for years because it was always my biggest weakness,” said Cathy Hummels in the “Playboy” interview. “I thought my body worked by itself. The divorce made me realize how much my body had suffered. How psychosomatic I am. I’ve really broken down.”

Mats and Cathy Hummels had separated after many years together and divorced in December last year. They have a son together.

As the magazine announced in mid-May, Cathy Hummels and her sister were in front of the camera for the “Playboy” shoot on the Canary Islands.

At the beginning of April, Hummels announced that he wanted to show himself sexy more often when he was single. “I’ve always liked to show myself in a bikini, but since I’m divorced and single, a little more often,” said the 35-year-old. “I just do what I want. I do what I enjoy and I’m also very, very grateful to my body for how it went through the divorce. That it has regenerated itself and that I’m physically better too .”

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