Drew Barrymore: Steven Spielberg was ‘the only father figure’

Drew Barrymore: Steven Spielberg was ‘the only father figure’

She has now revealed how special the relationship between Drew Barrymore and Steven Spielberg really was and still is.

Actress Drew Barrymore (48) spoke very intimately about the early beginnings of her career. She was just seven years old when she was in front of the camera for Steven Spielberg’s (76) classic “ET”. How intimate the relationship with the star director really was and still is, she now revealed in remarkable words: Spielberg is “to this day the only person in my life who has ever been a father figure for me”.

Barrymore’s biological father, John Drew Barrymore, was a violent alcoholic who, unlike Spielberg, gave his daughter no parental guidance. He often even looked after her at the weekend, gave her a cat named Gertie and took her to Disneyland. Even outside of ET filming, he brought the doll to life for the then seven-year-old to have lunch with the alien – Barrymore thought ET was real at the time.

She didn’t have a childhood

Spielberg did all this to keep her a little bit of childlike magic. The director is quoted as saying by Vulture: “She stayed up way past her bedtime, visited places she should have only heard of and lived at a very tender age, a life that robbed her of her childhood. But I felt very helpless because I wasn’t her father. I could only be an advisor to her.”

It was with a heavy heart that he had to say “no” when she asked him on the set if he could be her father. Very well and lovingly he took on another role in her life – as her godfather.

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