L-Ghent increasingly complicated: they revealed the video showing how the victim was taken away

L-Ghent increasingly complicated: they revealed the video showing how the victim was taken away

After his arrest yesterday, security camera recordings showing images prior to the singer’s threats to the two victims came to light.

Behind the arrest of L-Gante for “illegitimate deprivation of liberty with the use of a weapon”revealed videos taken by security cameras that could complicate your situation. The images correspond to Saturday May 27 at the exit of a bowling alley in General Rodríguez after Elian Ángel Valenzuela had a fight with a group of young people.

It can be seen that a man and a woman approach a police car. After talking for a few minutes they disappeared from the scene.

Once that vehicle moved forward, a white car in which he was L-Gante arrived at the same place and got on the sidewalk. They intercepted the two people who had spoken with the Police and, immediately afterwards, a man Get into the vehicle through the rear right door.


The video ends whenthe car accelerated at high speed and they took captive one of the victims who reported the incident. Later the artist found and threatened the second person involved in the cause to get in the car.

The complaint states that L-Gante would have taken Gastón Torres threatened at gunpoint. For this reason he was accused of “illegitimate deprivation of liberty aggravated by the use of firearms and simple threats.”

Anyway, this morning the Defense attorney for the cumbia singer 420 assured that the young man who denounced having been threatened and deprived of liberty was actually his friend, while he narrated another version, practically opposite, of the facts that are attributed to the singer of to have been committed last May in the Buenos Aires town of General Rodriguez.

Source: Ambito

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