Wedding guest dress: 5 wedding outfit ideas

Wedding guest dress: 5 wedding outfit ideas

Are you invited to a wedding as a guest and don’t know what to wear? Which dress is suitable for a wedding guest and what you should pay attention to.

Got an invitation to a wedding and wondering what to wear? We have five wedding guest dress ideas that will make an impression and will suit almost any dress code.

1. Maxi Dress

A long, elegant dress is ideal for a wedding guest because it always looks festive, muted and well-dressed. It also doesn’t take much to put it in the limelight: a small bag, simple shoes, such as sandals, and a little jewelery are enough. about that If you have the choice to wear it on other occasions and to combine it in many ways, a monochrome dress is suitable because it already attracts attention through the crowd and can appear too bulky with print and sleeves.

2. Elegant midi dress

Something airier and more modern has an effect : It shows more legs, the more body-hugging version usually has a slit for freedom of movement and can be combined with sandals, pumps or even ankle boots. Depending on the celebration, it can be simple and airy or particularly elegant and tight-fitting and studded with sequins. This dress can be worn as a wedding guest with or without sleeves, the former looks a bit more formal.

3. Cocktail Dress

The quintessential dress for a wedding guest is certainly this : It’s festive, chic and you certainly can’t go wrong with it. Especially in delicate colors or common tones, a safe, beautiful outfit is suitable for many celebrations.

4. Wrap Dress

Especially for a summer wedding is also a a good idea. It is usually airy, comfortable to wear and you can also wear it on other occasions. It looks less formal than other variants, but is therefore also later particularly suitable for everyday use. Combined in a chic way, it also makes an impression as a dress for a wedding guest.

5. Happy print

Whether long, short or an intermediate length: A dress looks particularly cheerful with the right print. And after all, a wedding is a reason to be happy – the dress for the wedding guest should be able to reflect that. Floral prints or graphic patterns are suitable for exuding a good mood and liveliness. This is especially ideal for a summer wedding. At a it is advisable to opt for a model with spaghetti straps, so that a conspicuous print does not overwhelm you too much.

Observe the dress code at a wedding

The ideas mentioned are of course independent of a dress code. If you have received an invitation with a dress code, you should follow it. Tips on this: If the invitation says that the wedding guests should dress “casual”, you can decide very freely which dress you want to choose. Especially midi and print models as well as wrap dresses are advisable because they are not too festive. The “Black Tie” dress code usually refers to a festive occasion after 6 p.m., to which you should come dressed stylishly and elegantly. A is usually the right choice here. In the case of an invitation without a specific dress code, you can coordinate with the bridal couple or use the location as a guide.

Dress for wedding guest: more tips

  • As is well known, the dress for the wedding guest should not be reminiscent of a wedding dress, i.e. at best not come in light tones or contain too much white – unless the bride is relaxed and has explicitly stated that this does not matter. Black is also rather unsuitable, after all it is no cause for mourning.
  • For a church wedding, make sure you cover your shoulders and don’t show too much of a neckline.
  • If you come to the wedding party as a couple, it is particularly nice if you coordinate your outfits to look harmonious.
  • At best, buy a dress that you can also use for other occasions: after all, it is very rare to wear a dress that is too elegant, bulky or unusual.

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