Filming: Elle Fanning: Contact lenses that burn the eye

Filming: Elle Fanning: Contact lenses that burn the eye

The actress says she has never lost a staring competition. But filming a horror movie was too much even for Elle Fanning.

US actress Elle Fanning claims to have eye problems when she was not allowed to blink for a long time during a shoot.

For an opening scene of the horror film “The Neon Demon” she played dead and wore contact lenses, the 25-year-old said in a conversation with her colleague Jenna Ortega (20) at the industry magazine “Variety”. “I’ve never lost a staring competition, ever, but it was 11 minutes or so, and my eyes were open the whole time, and the lights were so bright – and they melted my contacts all over my eye. They did burned itself in my eye.”

Fanning, who currently stars as Catherine the Great on ‘The Great,’ plays an aspiring young model in Los Angeles in ‘The Neon Demon.’ For the horror thriller from 2016 she was in front of the camera alongside Keanu Reeves.

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