Rammstein in Munich: Small protest, but full stadium

Rammstein in Munich: Small protest, but full stadium
till Lindemann
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A group of around 60 people demonstrated on Wednesday before the first of a total of four sold-out concerts in Munich’s Olympic Park by the metal band Rammstein against their performance. The band did not respond to the allegations of sexual assault against frontman Till Lindemann recently made by women. As usual, Lindemann was taciturn between the songs. He said goodbye to the audience with the words: “Munich, thank you for being here. Thank you for being with us.”

Unlike usual, the band, who strained with sexist and Germanic lyrics, did without the song “Pussy”, to which Lindemann usually sprayed the audience with a huge, penis-shaped foam cannon. A total of 240,000 visitors are expected to see the European tour kick off in Germany by Sunday. Several women had recently – partly anonymously – raised the allegation of sexual assault against Rammstein frontman Lindemann. The women describe situations that some of them would have found frightening. Young women were selected during concerts and asked whether they wanted to come to the after-show party or to shower with the band. According to some women, sexual acts are said to have occurred. There was some speculation about the use of knockout drops and other substances.

“Row Zero” was banned

In Munich, the row of fans in the security area immediately in front of the stage, the so-called row zero, was also banned. The concept for the after-show parties had also been changed, according to those close to the Berlin band. The city of Berlin announced on Wednesday that it would ban the after-show parties altogether for the band’s performances.

The 60-year-old Lindemann has his interests represented by lawyers. “Serious allegations against our client were made by various women on social networks, especially on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube,” the lawyers said in a letter. And further: “It has been repeatedly claimed that women at Rammstein concerts were drugged with knockout drops or alcohol to enable our client to perform sexual acts on them. These allegations are untrue without exception. We will take prompt legal action against individuals for any allegations of this nature.”

Now ÖVP Women’s Minister Susanne Raab also spoke up via Twitter: “The videos and reports of many women about sexual violence at Rammstein concerts shock me and make me very sad. I hold the debate in Germany about ways to better protect women at the concerts. The organizers and the city of Vienna are required to create suitable protection concepts with regard to the planned Rammstein concerts in July.” In Vienna, Rammstein is expected on July 26th and 27th at the Happel Stadium.

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